Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sawtooth Relay 2006 - The Happy Prostate

The weekend of June 10, 2006, brought my second year of running the Sawtooth Relay, the 62-mile relay that runs from the Stanley to Ketchum Idaho. Last year I ran with the Virtual Runners a corporate team from the Network Group. Here are the pictures from last years run: Virtual Runners

The year of 2006 brought on a new team dubbed "The Happy Prostate." The team consisted of the following people: Dan Doyle, Steve Oliver, Ryan Fisher, Steve Durnel, Lee Knosp and Ryan Smith, with Joe Knosp as team volunteer and Angela Thomas served as co-team captain.

"The Happy Prostate"

This year’s team formed up quite nicely, everyone on the team I would easily call a friend, plus we regularly run, bike or climb together. Angela, however could not make this years run due to a certification exam that she was taking the day of the relay. I'm proud of everyone for competing in the race, the team did excellent! Also I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone that helped and supported us along the way.

For those that are not familiar with the Sawtooth Relay I'll explain. A Sawtooth relay team consists of 6 people that run 2 legs that average about 5 miles per leg, 12 legs total. The course runs from the elementary school in Stanley, out to Hwy 75 and turns south for the next 59 miles to Atkinson Park in Ketchum Idaho. We started off in Stanley with spectacular views of the Sawtooth Mountains and as you head south towards Ketchum you get views of the White Cloud Mountains. Also the Salmon River keeps you company as it twists and turns along the Highway. Halfway thought the course you'll come up and over Galena Summit at 8,701 feet, here marks the divide between the Salmon River and Wood River drainage areas. The Pioneer and Boulder Mountain ranges come into view as you drop off of the summit and the Big Wood River takes you all the way to the finish line.

"The Sawtooths"

During the registration process for the relay each team member is required to declare there average running time for a flat 5 mile run. Based on the estimated times the officials for the race assign each team a starting time. The slower teams generally start early and fast teams start later with the hope that everyone ends the race at about the same time for the big party and awards ceremony. Our team had an 8:00am start time this year and Lee Knosp was our starting runner for this years relay.

"Go Lee Go!"

Here are the statistics for Leg 1: (Lee Knosp)

Description:Rolling gravel and paved roads through Stanley and on Highways 21 and 75 with full view of the Sawtooth Mountains and the Salmon River.

6,370 feet
Elevation Loss:170Elevation Finish:6,500 feet

Estimated Time:50:39:36
Actual Time:49:46:xx

After we cheered for Lee at the start of the race we drove about 2 or 3 miles up the road and hopped out of the team vehicle and waited for Lee to run past. Here we give him water, take or give any clothing and do some more cheering. This process is done for each runner as they run there assigned legs. Also here is where the next runner starts to warm up for there leg. After Lee passed us we piled back into the car and motor up the road to the start of Leg 2. Here is where Lee handed off to Steve for Leg 2.

"Lee Knosp to Steve Oliver"

Here are the statistics for Leg 2: (Steve Oliver)

Description:Gradual uphill on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:190Elevation Start:6,500 feet
Elevation Loss:20Elevation Finish:6,670 feet

Estimated Time:52:28:12
Actual Time:52:28:xx

Steve handing off to Dan for the start of Leg 3.

"Steve Oliver to Dan Doyle"

Here are the statistics for Leg 3: (Dan Doyle)

Description:Rolling uphill on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:240Elevation Start:6,670 feet
Elevation Loss:30Elevation Finish:6,880 feet

Estimated Time:43:35:36
Actual Time:43:48:xx

Dan handing off to Ryan for the start of Leg 4.

"Dan Doyle to Ryan Fisher"

Here are the statistics for Leg 4: (Ryan Fisher)

Description:Gradual uphill on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:190Elevation Start:6,880 feet
Elevation Loss:10Elevation Finish:7,060 feet

Estimated Time:42:49:24
Actual Time:40:46:xx

Ryan handing off to Ryan for the start of Leg 5.

"Ryan Fisher to Ryan Smith"

Here are the statistics for Leg 5: (Ryan Smith)

Description:Long steady uphill leg on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:310Elevation Start:7,060 feet
Elevation Loss:0Elevation Finish:7,370 feet

Estimated Time:46:38:24
Actual Time:52:20:xx

Ryan handing off to Steve for the start of Leg 6.

"Ryan Smith to Steve Durnal"

Here are the statistics for Leg 6: (Steve Durnal)

Description:Long, steady uphill leg with curves and switchbacks to .15 miles past Galena Summit.

Elevation Gain:1,331Elevation Start:7,370 feet
Elevation Loss:0Elevation Finish:8,701 feet

Estimated Time:42:48:00
Actual Time:56:24:xx

Total Roadkill for everyone’s first legs came too -5. Doh! Roadkill is how many people you pass or get passed while running your leg. Here's Steve handing off to Lee for the start of Leg 7.

"Steve Durnel to Lee Knosp"

Here are the statistics for Leg 7: (Lee Knosp)

Description:Long, steady, downhill leg with curves and switchbacks.

Elevation Gain:0Elevation Start:8,701 feet
Elevation Loss:1,411Elevation Finish:7,290 feet

Estimated Time:51:10:12
Actual Time:45:17:xx

Lee handing off to Steve for the start of Leg 8.

"Lee Knosp to Steve Oliver"

Here are the statistics for Leg 8: (Steve Oliver)

Description:Steady downhill on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:0Elevation Start:7,290 feet
Elevation Loss:360Elevation Finish:6,920 feet

Estimated Time:45:48:36
Actual Time:45:39:xx

Steve handing off to Dan for the start of Leg 9.

"Steve Oliver to Dan Doyle"

Here are the statistics for Leg 9: (Dan Doyle)

Description:Moderate length leg with steady downhill.

Elevation Gain:10Elevation Start:6,920 feet
Elevation Loss:350Elevation Finish:6,590 feet

Estimated Time:40:12:48
Actual Time:40:43:xx

Dan handing off to Ryan for the start of Leg 10.

"Dan Doyle to Ryan Fisher"

Once people finished up there second leg there's only one thing left to do! Enjoy a well earned frosty cold beverage.

"Well done Dan, Lee and Steve"

Here are the statistics for Leg 10: (Ryan Fisher)

Description:Long leg with rolling downhill on Highway 75.

Elevation Gain:40Elevation Start:6,590 feet
Elevation Loss:410Elevation Finish:6,220 feet

Estimated Time:59:15:24
Actual Time:56:03:xx

Ryan handing off to Ryan for the start of Leg 11.

"Ryan Fisher to Ryan Smith"

Here are the statistics for Leg 11: (Ryan Smith)

Description:Moderate length leg with gradual downhill.

Elevation Gain:10Elevation Start:6,220 feet
Elevation Loss:290Elevation Finish:5,940 feet

Estimated Time:39:45:36
Actual Time:38:59:xx

Ryan handing off to Steve for the start of Leg 12.

no photo was taken!

"Ryan Smith and Steve Durnel"

Here are the statistics for Leg 12: (Steve Durnel)

Description:Short leg with gradual downhill on paved bike path.

Elevation Gain:10Elevation Start:5,940 feet
Elevation Loss:150Elevation Finish:5,800 feet

Estimated Time:21:02:24
Actual Time:20:34:xx

Total Roadkill for everyone’s second Legs came too -0. Much better showing than our first legs! Here's Steve Durnel running to the finish line.

"Go Steve Go!"

Each team that finishes the race gets to join up with there runner for the last 50 feet of the relay. As the team crosses the finish line they announce the team name and everyone cheers! Here is where we consume the free food and beer, listen to the live band, relax and discuss the highlights of the completed race, last they give out awards. No trophies for team "The Happy Prostate" however the great memories and free beer is all the award I need! Until next year Sawtooth Relay, Happy Running! Check out all the 2006 Sawtooth Relay photos: The Happy Prostate.

"Just a few more miles to go!"