Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 - Elkhorn Yurt

This Thanksgiving Angela and I decided to partake in a non-traditional Thanksgiving celebration, by ditching the turkey and leaving everyone behind. This year we opted to enjoy our holiday in the backwoods of Idaho, by spending 2 wonderful relaxing days at Elkhorn yurt. What's that you say, not sure what a yurt is? The yurt we stayed in could be described as a hi-tech semi-permanent round tent. Housing 2 bunk-beds, a futon, wood stove, dinning table and a kitchen stocked with utensils. This modern yurt shares the name and shape, but is a far cry from the original Turkish term of "yurt" or "dwelling place". * Below is a picture of where we stayed.

"Elkhorn Yurt"

King of Subtle: The original yurt idea for Thanksgiving was to fill a yurt with friends and have a Yurtsgiving celebration. In the pre-planning stages I started to ask friends the question, in my sometimes subtle manner “any plans for Thanksgiving?" I tended to get answers like “I have family coming into town” or “heading over to grandma’s house”, etc. After hearing peoples answers we decided that we’ll just head off to the yurt ourselves. As it turned out there were people that had nothing going on over Thanksgiving and could have come along or there plans fell through and could have gone. Next time I think we’ll be more direct and send out an Evite and hope for the best!

Over all the yurt was wonderful, a great chance to get out and play in the snow. Life moves pretty slowly out in the woods, and that’s the way’s I likes it! We ate good food, drank some beer, played guitar, talked, played cards, did chores like split wood, and went snowshoeing. There was about a foot of snow on the ground, just not quite enough to go sledding, but plenty to melt for water and to get good use from the snowshoes.

"The View"

Here's all the pictures from the trip: pics

Sunday, November 26, 2006

50% Procrastination + 50% Laziness = Zero Blogging

Here's a few links to photos of summer and fall adventures that I didn't get a chance to post. Some were major events that I really wanted to write about. But hey 50% Procrastination + 50% Laziness = Zero Blogging....

Halloween - October 31, 2006

Went as the bearded lady, won $100 for the most scariest costume. Is it wrong for a bearded lady to look good?

Homebrewing - October 27, 2006Two different brew's this year, hopefully a lot more brewing coming soon!
Harvest Festivus - October 21, 2006 Hosted our Second Annual Harvest Festivus.
Blue's Kennel Project Built a kennel for Mr. Blue Independence.
Greenhorn Gulch - September 30, 2006Biked a tough but fun mountain bike trail near Sun Valley. Idaho.
City of Rocks - September 8 - 10, 2006 Awesome climbing trip to the City did a bunch of trad climbing.
Hood To Coast Relay - August 24 - 28, 2006Go Team "Rocky Mountain Oyster Shuckers."
City of Rocks - August 12 - 13, 2006 First trip this year to the City of Rocks.
Fisher Creek Ride - August 05, 2006 Road a bitchen mountain bike ride in the White Clouds on my Birthday! 29 years old.
Imogene Lake - July 15 - 16th, 2006Hike in the Sawtooth to Imogene lake.
WFHS 10 Year Reunion - July 06 - 09, 2006

Holy Crap where did the last 10 years go? Out having fun!

Costa Rica - June 14 - 18, 2006Spent a week down in Costa Rica.