Monday, January 29, 2007

The Holidays + Wood/Cate Wedding

The end of 2006 and the begging of 2007 were spend on a trip to the Windy City to attend the wedding of our friends Andy and Jess. The trip was also a good time to see some other friends and take in the sights and sounds of Chicago. I was fighting the flu so I wasn't able to go too hog wild.
"The Happy Couple"

We headed out on December 28th for Andy's "Semi-Batcher Party" the "semi" stems from no strippers and the bride and maid of honor showed up after a while. Not what I would call a traditional batcher party more just like a fun night out on the town. The evening turned out pretty well, we went to The Second City to watched some sketch comedy, followed by lots of bars and a few cigar. If you find yourself in Chicago I would highly recommend going see a show down at Second City, apparently a bunch of SNL cast get there start at The Second City. Intoxication, sleepiness, a long train ride, struggling to finding cabs and no bathrooms made for an extra long night, but everyone made it home safe.
"Out at the Bar"

After some heaving sleeping we got up the next day at the crack of noon and meet Shane and Ken for some lunch, Chicago Style Pizza. After that we drove out to see Leiah, John and there new baby girl Lily. I'm glad we got the chance to go and visit Leiah and John. Here's Angela holding the little Lily!

"She looks like a pro!"

Andy's Wedding went off smooth; they had a nice wedding and reception. Didn't do much dancing, I still was feeling like I had the flu. Later that night we headed back downtown to catch a play. We got tickets ahead of time to see "Rudolph the red hosed reindeer" a gay spoof on the children's Christmas special, "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer." The production took place in a small theater to a full house of about 50 people. The play was funny, edgy and cheap, works for me, plus how can you say "no" Assless chaps! We finished out the night with a sushi dinner and a train ride back to Shamberg.

The rest of the Chicago Trip was spent walking round downtown, going to museums, and strolling on the beach. Here's all the pictures from the trip: pics