Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beer Hunt 2007

Woh....Beer Hunt 2007!!!!!

Angela traveled to Boston for business the week of February 12-16th, 2007, unfortunately her work trip just so happened to fall over our 2 Year Anniversary and Valentines Day. Since Angela knew she'd be gone she decided to send me on a Beer Hunt! Before she left Sunday morning she had secretly hidden a six-pack of beer with notes attached to them around the backyard. Late night on Valentines she sent out and email informing me about the hunt!

"Angela's Email"

The next day after work I came home and began the hunt! Based off the above email I need to check out Angela's Blog at because on my "Stuff I want :-D" Christmas List I listed Angela Thomas as the first thing, and I listed the price as "Priceless."

"Stuff I want :-D"

Angela had posted a blog entry that laid out instructions for the Beer Hunt!

"Mother Knows Best..."

The hunt was now a foot! After picking up my beer hunt basket atop the pile of clutter and armed with the remaining clues I rummaged around for the yard looking for 6 tasty vials of brew! After finding all the bottles I brought them inside and sat down at the dinning room table and gently removed the plastic wrap protecting the note fragments. I cracked the first beer and assembled my lovely note and proceeded to read a heartfelt note from my sweet! Thank you soo… much Scampy! I had a lot of fun on my beer hunt!


Here's the pic's from the whole hunt: Beer Hunt 2007

Also the weekend before we spent an fun filled weekend up in McCall skiing at Brundage. Here's the pictures from the weekend trip: Brundage