Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lava Rama 2007

The weekend of May 12th 2007, brought on our second running of the Wild Rockies Lava Rama. The race was pretty much the same as last year, check out my previous post on the Lava Rama 2006. However the race course was shortened by .3 of a mile and was horribly marked this year. On several occasions we has to stop on the course and have about all 20 runners discuss where the race course went. Still a beautiful and fun run, just wish the new race organizer did a better job marking the trail. We'll see how next years Lava Rama goes. Ended up taking 3rd place in my age category, however most of the race results were messed up due to racers running all over the place. Only took a few pictures this year, but here they are: Molten Magma.

Official Race Time: 1:33:46.491

Other than the race, the weekend was well spend soaking in the hot pools, eating Thai food, long hikes, and drinking some cool beers.