Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Robie Creek 2007 - I Run the Body Electric

"The Toughest Half Marathon in the Northwest" - http://www.robiecreek.com/

Running Robie has been on my list of goals for a number of years. I just never imagined being in shape to run this race or having someone that would run with me. I don't think I would have actually run Robie if it wouldn't have been for Angela running with me.

The race to Robie Creek is a 13.1 mile race that follows up and over the sagebrush covered hills of Boise. Runners trudge up 8 miles to the 4,797-foot Aldape Summit, and then continue down a steep five mile decent to the finish line. Boise's spring weather can greatly add to the challenges of running Robie. In fact the weekend before the race fresh snow fell on the upper 1/2 of the course, luckily a week later on race day we had almost ideal weather conditions for running Robie.


Once the winter hits our running level drops to about zero, snowboard, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and other winter activates like home brewing filled up our time. However once January 2007 came along we had to kick our running back into high-gear. Two weekly lunch time runs, two nightly runs on the treadmill, and one long weekend run kept up busy until mid April. Climbing, mountain biking were also mixed in to save us from being burned out from running.

"Yea... that Pissed Off"

February 19th, 2007 - Registration Day

I wish I had Chuck Norris helping us out with our Robie registration. Agggrrr.... I felt like running the 13.1 miles wasn't as hard as trying to get registered. This was the first year that the Robie Creek registration was 100% on-line, and it was a complete and utter disaster! Registering was a long and frustrating day; I ended up getting registered shortly after 11am. Angela however ended up trying for over 7 hours before she got her number. Bottom line was there online setup couldn't keep up with the number of people trying to register and there server ended up crashing. Lets hope they can get there act together next year!

April 21th, 2007 - Race Day (Uff-da....)

Was it fun: yes
Was it hard: yes
Run Robie again: yes

We arrive at the starting line at Fort Boise Park an hour and half before the start and bumped into lots of other friends that were running the race. Andy, Tyson and Steve showed up for some race day support and Andy snapped some photos. The race started off at high-noon and 2 hours later the race was over and I went straight over to the beer table and got us each a tasty brew! Angela and I ran together for about 5 miles, then we drifted apart as the course got steeper. I ended up finishing the race in 2:00:54.3 and Angela at 2:04:49.2. Here's all the numbers: Robie 2007

"Running the downhill"

After picking up the beers I started to head back to the finish line, but was intercepted by Angela who had just finished the race. We took our beers and went down and breefly soaked our legs in the ice cold Robie Creek. After that we hung around the post-race party got some food and rested our tired bones. After the race we headed back to Boise and spent an hour at Serenity Retreat relaxing in a hot tub. April 21, 2007 was a good day! Check out some race photos that Andy took: Race Photos