Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Other Fun Summer Adventures

City of Rocks: August 25 - 26, 2007

- A fun trip to the City with Angela for some climbing and relaxing together. Saturday we go in 6 climbs with the best was the 2 pitch Lost Arrow Spire. Definitely worth climbing 5.7 - 4 stars! Watch that repel it's a doozy!!

"The Lost Arrow on the left"

City of Rocks: August 04 - 05, 2007

- Went down to the City on my 30th birthday weekend and got some climbing in with friends. I had a hoot and was a great way to break out of the 20's and on-ward to the 30's.

"Climbing Too Much Fun 5.8"

The Needles: July 14, 2007

- 14 mile out and back hike to granite rock spires that apparently are climbable. We left Boise late in the day and by the time we neared the Needles it was dinner time. We did some quick time calculations and figured we'd better head back otherwise we wouldn't make it to the car before it was dark. We ended up coming back to Boise just after midnight.

"About a mile from the Needles"

The Needles has two different approaches, the 16 mile or a 4 mile round trip. We went back a month later to hike the 4 mile and climb, however when we got a few miles from the trailhead fire crews had shut the road down. Apparently the whole Needles area caught fire 2 days a go.

"Hope she grows back!"